TransNational ATM

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Currency ExchangeATM owners are finding it increasingly difficult to earn an income from just ATMs. These ATM owners can now generate additional revenue by
providing upfront foreign exchange conversion for their international cardholders through Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC.)

Benefits to International Cardholder
Conducting transactions in a foreign currency while trying to compare and calculate exchange rates can be daunting for travelers. DCC is not an
additional charge for international cardholders – it replaces the foreign exchange process applied by the credit card issuers. Cardholders are given
the choice to pay in their home currency with full disclosure of exchange rates and conversion fees at time of the exchange. This transparency
provides peace of mind and convenience.

Benefits to the ATM Owner
For ATMs in areas where foreign travelers are likely to visit such as airports, museums, sports venues, tourist attractions, and communities
populated with international cardholders offering DCC can be a significant revenue opportunity, with no added expense to the ATM owner.

Why not turn a routine ATM visit into a revenue opportunity? Turn on DCC and:

  • Gain additional interchange revenue from existing international transactions
  • Incur zero risk – ATM owners are guaranteed the exact settlement of the withdrawal regardless of currency fluctuations
  • Earn commission – The ATM owner receives a percentage of the conversion fee the agreed commission
  • Have access to a full suite of reconciliation reports to support daily settlements