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No Changes for Pulse US ATM Interchange and Fees on their September 1, 2014 Acquirer Fee Schedule

9/15/14: MetaBank has received the Pulse Acquirer Fee Schedule that was effective September 1, 2014. Thereare no changes to the current US ATM interchange rates and fees.  

Meta provides the current Pulse ATM interchange and acquirer fees for your reference.

US ATM Pricing
US ATM Interchange


Issuer Annual Volume Threshold (transactions)

Monetary Interchange Rate

Non-monetary Interchange Rate (includes denied transactions, balance inquiries, transfers)


Tier 1

10,000,001 +




Tier 2

2,000,001 – 10,000,000




Tier 3

1 – 2,000,000




US ATM Acquirer Fee

The US ATM Acquirer Fee is assessed to acquirers on all US approved and declined cash withdrawals, cash advances and deposits. There is no change to the US ATM Acquirer Fee.

US ATM Acquirer Fee:   $0.10
ATM Network Security Fee

The ATM Network Security Fee is assessed to acquirers on all US and international approved and declined cash withdrawals and cash advances. There is no change to the ATM Network Security fee.

ATM Network Security Fee:   $0.01
International ATM Acquirer Interchange and Fees

For international cards accepted at US ATMs, the US ATM acquirer is paid based on the region where the card was issued. Pulse does assess an international processing fee to the US acquirer for processing and settlement of cash disbursements for international card acceptance.


Monetary interchange

Non-monetary interchange

FEE to Acquirer: Acquirer International Processing Fee




0.15% of US dollar value of the cash transaction

Europe, Middle East, Africa, LAC, Asia/Pacific



0.15% of US dollar value of the cash transaction

China Union Pay ATM Acquirer Interchange


Approved Cash Withdrawals

Approved Balance Inquiries


China Union Pay




TransNational ATM Team