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FICO Alert - Fraudulent ATM Withdrawals Occuring

01/12/15: In the retail ATM business, it is important to remain vigilant.  Even if your terminals are not in the locations noted in the FICO alert, please remember to check your terminal and its location for any unusual equipment. The required sponsor bank photographs can assist in proving there were no swiper attached to a terminal, if there's ever any questionable activity generated by an ATM.

FICO Alert – Fraudulent ATM Withdrawals Occurring
The Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) has issued an alert update on cities where fraudulent ATM withdrawals are occurring. If you have terminals deployed in any of these areas, please be on special alert for the fraudulent transaction characteristics. If you find any similar transactions, please immediately file a police report and a SARS report with Meta.

·         Florida: Boca Raton, Coral Gables, Hollywood, Miami and Orlando
·         New York: Brooklyn, Jamaica, Woodhaven
·         Washington, DC.
·         Other states and cities could be affected.

·         Fraudulent ATM withdrawals ranging from $100-$800, $200 being most typical.
·         Fraudulent transaction times vary widely but most are within a 6AM-Midnight range.
·         PIN errors are minimal.
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