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Accel 2015 Network Fee Schedule - Effective Date January 2015

02/02/15: NO FEE CHANGES

Accel has made no changes to the network registration, renewal fees, interchange or ATM Acquirer Fee for 2015.
Effective Date: January 2015
Accel Interchange and Fee

Transaction Type

Off-Premise ATMs rate (current)

Off-Premise ATMs rate effective January 2015

Accel Interchange: Financial Transaction (approved cash withdrawal)

$0.52 per approved transaction

$0.52 per approved transaction

Accel Interchange: Non-financial Transaction (balance inquiry, denied transaction)

$0.25 per transaction

$0.25 per transaction

Accel Fee: ATM Acquirer Fee

$0.08 per approved or denied Transaction

$0.08 per approved or denied Transaction

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