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ATM ISO Terminals now targets of skimming devices

09/02/15: ATM ISOs and operators are being cautioned to be on the lookout for skimming devices placed on your deployed terminals.

A Meta-sponsored ISO with a terminal located in CA has reported finding a skimming device on the terminal. ATM processors have noticed an increase in skimming activity in recent months, particularly in certain areas of the country. Not only is the shift from FI terminals to ISO terminals, the shift is from terminals of larger deployers to terminals of smaller deployers.

Whenever you visit your terminals, look for skimming devices or evidence of skimming devices.

What should you do if you find a skimming device or evidence of a skimming device?

  • Phone the police and file a police report. Report the TID, address and suspected skimming date ranges.
  • Take photos of the physical terminal and surroundings to assist in the investigation.
  • Pull the transaction journal from the terminal. This may be used, with the video surveillance, to identify the date ranges of the skimming and should be held as evidence in the open case.
  • Retrieve any video surveillance of the terminal at the location to provide to police as part of the investigation.
  • Test the video equipment at the location to ensure proper working order. Card skimming time ranges are generally authenticated through video surveillance.
  • File an IR report with Meta's fraud team. The IR template with instructions is attached. The report must be emailed to as password protected. Include a copy of the police report and photos with the IR report.
  • Monitor your terminals more frequently.
Meta ATM Team