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Colorado Regulatory Announcements

Colorado Department of Revenue adopts final rule governing enforcement of prohibited use of EBT cards at certain locations

12/14/15: The Colorado Department of Revenue adopted a new rule that governs the enforcement of the prohibited use of EBT cards at certain locations. The rule governs the enforcement of the prohibited use of EBT cards at ATMs located in licensed gaming establishments, in-state simulcast facilities, race tracks, establishments licensed to sell malt, vinous or spirituous liquors, and medical and retail marijuana dispensaries.

The notice was published in the register and is effective January 1, 2016.

Final rule: 30944_COregister12.10.15_liquorAdoptedRules02015-00548.doc

Please review the final rule, paying particular attention to sections (4) Prevention Measures and (5) Exemptions. These sections define what is required to uphold this rule. You will also need to work with your processor to block the CO EBT BIN from being accepted at these identified locations.

As further clarification from the Director of Liquor & Tobacco Enforcement Division, the laws and rules concerning unlawful EBT transactions do not applyto licensees that sell fermented malt beverage (3.5@ beer).

TransNational ATM Team

Colorado S.B. 65 and S.B. 1255 measures passed Senate and House

4/28/15: Meta is aware of recent legislation from the State of Colorado that prohibits EBT cards from being used to make purchases at prohibited locations. ATM ISOs and operators with terminals deployed in Colorado need to be aware of these measures and action accordingly to this legislation.

Current version (3/24/2015): SB065_C_002.pdf S.B. 65 was passed by the Senate on 2/9/15 and the House on 3/30/15.

CO S.B. 65 prohibits the use of EBT cards at establishments licensed to sell marijuana or marijuana-infused products and at adult-oriented entertainment establishments.

The measure will be sent to Governor Hickenlooper for signature. The measure would become effective immediately upon the Governor's signature.

Current version (3/18/2015): HB1255_C_001.pdf S.B. 1255 was passed by the House on 3/23/15, the Senate on 4/6/15 and sent to Governor Hickenlooper on 4/24/15.

CO S.B. 1255 requires the operators of establishments where EBT cards are prohibited and where an ATM is deployed to post a sign notifying users they are prohibited from accessing benefits with an EBT card at the ATM. The operators of such establishments are required to take measures to prevent clients from using EBT cards at ATMs in their establishments. The measure also establishes methods to enforce measures by operators to prohibit clients from using an ATM at prohibited locations, including increasing penalties.

The measure would become effective immediately upon the Governor's signature.

Meta ATM Team