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Delaware Regulatory Announcements

Regulation ID DE27107: Delaware Does Not Issue TANF Benefits Through EBT

11/10/14 - Delaware’s Department of Health and Social Services does not issue TANF benefits through EBT. Delaware proposes to renew their state plan upholding their current plan of non-issuance. Therefore, Delaware does not have established policies or procedures to address EBT access and use as they relate to TANF benefits.

Any comments regarding the state plan must be submitted by 12/15/14. You may comment to Sharon L. Summers (302-255-9500).

At this time, the notice of the state plan renewal is not available. The servers that host the Delaware Code, including the Delaware Register of Regulations, were hacked and are in the process of being rebuilt. A new URL link to the November 2014 Register should be available later this month.

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