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Florida Regulatory Announcements

Florida S.B.186 TANF/EBT Measure passed Senate and House

4/27/15: Meta is aware of recent legislation from the State of Florida that prohibits EBT cards from being used to purchase alcoholic beverages and restores the provision prohibiting the use of EBT cards for the purchase of items from bottle clubs.

Current version (4/23/2015):

S.B. 186 was passed by the Senate on 4/14/15 and the House on 4/24/15.

The measure can now be sent to Governor Scott for signature or veto within 15 days of receipt. If the Governor chooses to veto the measure, the measure will be returned to the Legislature where a simple 2/3 majority overrides the Governor's veto.

The effective date of the measure is July 1, 2015.

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