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Hawaii Regulatory Announcements

Hawaii H.C.R. 182

Update 3/24/16: The Hearing was deferred on3/23/16 and has been scheduled for 3/28/16. The hearing of the Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce will be open to the public. The committee will accept testimony which may be submitted up to 24 hours prior to the start of the hearing.

3/11/16: Representative Angus McKelvey (D) introduced a bill on 3/11/16 that requests all financial institutions that issue credit or debit cards to Hawaii residents or businesses to replace those cards with chip and PIN cards.

The introduced bill was referred to the Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce; Committee on Finance on 3/14/16.

In Hawaii, bills must be passed by multiple committees of referral in order to be considered on the floor. It is common for more than one committee to meet in a joint hearing to hear a bill simultaneously.