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Louisiana Regulatory Announcements

LA Dept of Children and Family Services proposed rule regarding location and use of benefit cards

2/4/14: The State of Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services adopted emergency amendments and proposed standard amendments to its rules concerning the use of state benefits (Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program – FITAP). The proposed amendments prohibit the use of FITAP benefits, including at ATM terminals, in liquor stores, casinos or adult entertainment locations or for the purchase of alcohol, tobacco products or lottery tickets. An emergency rule was issued, effective 10/25/13, that continues the provisions of the previous emergency rule.

You may read the rulings at these sites:
10/25/2013 Emergency Rule (pdf pg. 8): 

6/28/2013 Emergency Rule (pdf pg. 6): 

4/20/2013 Proposed Rule (pdf pg. 138):