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New York Regulatory Announcements

New York S.B. 7128 — ATM (Special)

4/11/16: Senator Martin Golden (R) introduced S.B. 7128 which increases the period where a person can be charged with aggravated grand larceny of an ATM if previously convicted of grand larceny from 5 years to 10 years. The measures defines "automated teller machine" as a device that is linked to a banking institution or a network of banking institutions, entities that provide consumer credit or a combination of such institutions and entities, which enables consumers to carry out one or more banking transactions and/or financial transactions.

The bill was introduced and referred to the Senate Codes Committee on 3/30/16. Companion legislation has not been filed in the Assembly to accompany this measure.

NY A.B. 1700 - Proposed Rule Change for Use of EBT Cards in Specific Locations

1/19/15: A new rule, New York A.B. 1700, has been proposed concerning prohibiting use of EBT cards accessing state-provided cash benefits from any ATM or POS terminals in the following locations: (a) gambling establishments, (b) psychics, (c) bail bond establishments, (d) bingo halls, (e) cruise ship, (f) tattoo parlors or (g) any business providing services that have been deemed inconsistent with the intent of the Office of Temporary and Disability Assitsance.
The measure was introduced and referred to the Assembly Banks Committee on 1/12/15. If passed by the Committee, it would be effective immediately.
Proposed Rule:

This rule pertains to the TANF/EBT public assistance restrictions that have become more legislated by most states due to federal government restrictions associated with the funding.

Meta ATM Team

Stateside Alert New York A.B. 649 - ATM User Security

1/13/15: This Stateside Alert should be carefully reviewed by anyone who has terminal deployments in the State of New York. If passed, this adds additional expense to each deployed terminal. TransNational encourages ISOs and operators to reach out to state legislators to educate and express your opinion.

NEW YORK A.B. 649 - ATM User Security 
Sponsor: Assemblymember Joseph R. Lentol (D) 
Summary: Requires banks to install automatic police notification software on their automated teller machines.

Status: Prefiled 1/6/2015. Introduced; referred to Banks Committee 1/7/2015. 

Outlook: According to the sponsor's office, "this new ATM software could save hundreds of lives by discretely alerting police as well as lead to the quick apprehension of criminals in crimes of theft and or kidnapping." 

The sponsor is a member of the majority party and is not a member of the Banks Committee. This measure was introduced during the 2013-2014 legislative session as A.B. 1509 but it failed to advance out of the committee of referral. Companion legislation has yet to be introduced in the Senate. The Republican party controls the Senate while the Democratic party controls the Assembly and the Governor’s Office. 

Effective Date: 180 days after becoming law

TransNational ATM Team

State of New York introduces S.B. 1290 to restrict how and where public assistance funds are used

1/13/15: Senator Thomas Libous (R) introduced S.B. 1290 that would prohibit the purchase of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or lottery tickets with public assistance benefits (EBT cards) and prohibit the use of EBT cards in casinos, liquor stores or adult entertainment facilities. The bill was referred to the Senate Social Services Committee on 1/9/15.

The measure was previously introduced in the 2013-14 legislative session as S.B. 966. It did pass the Senate in that session but failed to be considered in the Assembly Social Services Committee.

The bill would become effective 180 days after becoming law.

Meta ATM Team

New York Establishments requiring EBT card block due to TANF regulations

7/22/14: Meta has become aware of a notification letter dated June 2014 that has been distributed to business owners in the State of NY whose business is impacted by New York’s restrictions of where New York EBT cards may be used. The new regulations went into effect May 30, 2014. When Meta spoke with Al Rios of the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, Mr. Rios indicated the written notifications were going to the business owners of establishments with ATMs who fall under the restrictions. Mr. Rios believed processors of ATM transactions were advised, but he wasn’t certain.

New York issued EBT cards cannot be used to withdraw funds in the following establishments: establishments providing adult-oriented entertainment in which performers disrobe or perform in an unclothed state or establishments selling liquor.

A sample letter and section of the new bill is attached. Please assist any merchant who may have received the New York State EBT letter in BIN blocking 600486 on the terminal with your acquiring processor.

TransNational ATM Team

NYCE Off-Premise ATM Acquirer Transaction Fee Increase effective February 1, 2014

Effective February 1, 2014, NYCE is increasing the per transaction off-premise ATM Acquirer Transaction fee for withdrawals, deposits, balance inquiries, mini-statements and transfers to $0.075 per transaction. Meta has not been advised of any modifications to financial or non-financial interchange rates.


Current Interchange Rate

Current off-premise ATM Acquirer Transaction Fee

Feb 1, 2014 off-premise ATM Acquirer Transaction Fee

Financial Transactions (withdrawals)




Non-Financial Transactions (balance inquiry, transfer, denial)